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Super Scrabble : Strategy

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Many of the same strategies that are applied in standard Scrabble play can be utilized in this version. Premiums play a larger role in Super Scrabble, due to both the presence of quadruple letter and word scores, and also because near the edge of the board, double word scores are spaced closely together, making it much easier to score a "double-double". In addition, opportunities for bingos are increased due to the three extra squares in each direction. For the same reason, hooks can play a larger part in strategy (a hook is a letter that can be played at the start or end of a word already on the board and as part of the same move in a new word in the cross direction).

Certain high scoring words, such as words with doubled Z's (e.g. FUZZ, JAZZ, DAZZLE) that are impossible to make in Scrabble without using blanks, can be played. The word KNICKKNACK, with 4 K's, is impossible to play in Scrabble because there is only 1 K and only 2 blanks - but it is possible to play this word in Super Scrabble. With quadruple letter scores spaced only three squares away from a double word score, it is not uncommon to see a single play score over one hundred points, even without a fifty-point bonus. Guarding against such plays becomes vital to strategy. However, due to the larger size of the board, this becomes increasingly difficult, especially late in the game.


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