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6: Peggle

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games

Peggle is a pretty special game to these parts. Its 2007 release coincided with our being born into existence, and we all fell in love with it. (Although some more correct people than others pointed out that Bookworm Adventures was the deeper game.) In fact, for a year or so, all download sizes on the site were measured in “how many Peggles”.

Inspired by the predominantly Japanese Pachinko, it was the first time the toy, originating in 1920, had been interpreted for videogames. And gosh, it was done with aplomb. A screen is filled with blue and orange pegs, at which you fire a silver ball, which pings and bounces between them, removing them as it hits. The aim being to clear each screen with a limited number of balls.

As you progress through levels, new special skills are added, giving you a bit of variation, and an extra element of skill, to what is – really – a puzzle game based mostly in luck. In fact, we can return to the whole Bejeweled argument about whether this should really count as a “puzzle” at all – is it just an arcade game? The answer: shush, it’s in our Top 25 puzzle games, and you can like it or lump it. Go to your room.

It’s splendid, funny, filled with bright, cheerful noises and graphics, although you’ll never want to hear bloody Ode To Joy ever again after playing it through. Excuse us a moment, we now need to go have a game of Peggle.


Puzzle Games 6.jpg

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