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Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords

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4: Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords

Developer: Infinite Interactive
Publisher: D3 Publisher

So here we are. The puzzle game that united the casual with the hardcore, match-3 with RPG, old with new with old again. A game that, from nowhere, pointed out that these two genres go well together. A million copies, clones and even its own sequels later, and still nothing beats the original Puzzle Quest.

What made it – and indeed still makes it – work is that it remembers to be an RPG first, a match-3 game second. But like many RPGs, the emphasis of the game is on the fighting, so the core of what you do is match-3. Does that make sense? Ah well. The point is, it doesn’t feel like a Bejeweled clone with a bit more story attached. It feels like a complete game, that has a Bejeweled-inspired combat system. As you match your 3s, 4s and so on, you’re gathering mana to cast spells, and attempting to match tiles that wound your opponent. The further you get, the more spells you can acquire, and the more complex battling becomes.

There are different classes to pick at the start, which offers a different selection of special abilities, subtly changing how you’ll approach fights. And different enemy types need to be combated in different ways. Along your journey you’ll also encounter other puzzle types using the tiles, and eventually be taming enemies as pets, riding into battle on the backs of giant rats, and saving princes and princesses from baddies. It’s daft, but it’s also enormous, meaning there’s so much to do and so many excuses to be back at that match-3 screen, playing more tactically than the genre usually suggests.


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