This Super Mario Maker Homage Was Created With Over 127,000 Dominoes

TheDominoKing is a YouTuber best known for his pop culture homages created with dominoes. His previous creations reference game franchises like Sonic, Persona, and Red Dead Redemption.

Their latest creation pays tribute to Super Mario Maker, particularly the original, and uses art styles found in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World.

“I didn’t implement any new additions from Mario Maker 2, do [sic] to not knowing much during the making of the video,” writes TheDominoKing in his YouTube video’s description. “But hey, this just means I’ll have to make a part 2 in the future… For those that don’t know this is a screen link, which means that each clip is created on its own, then edited together to make it look like one long setup.”

It took over about two months to create the entire set and it consists of 127,055 dominoes. The result is an impressive five minute video that you can watch below.

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You can read our review of Super Mario Maker 2 here

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Fan Recreates Final Fantasy VII Boss Fight In Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams, which lets you build interactive experiences from the ground up, continues to impress ever since it released its open beta earlier this year. We’ve scoured Dreams for the coolest user-generated creations and even made some ourselves. As time goes on and players become more comfortable with the creative suite, even more impressive builds are made.

A recent one that’s been making the rounds online is a Final Fantasy VI remake in Dreams. User sosetsuken5360 recreated a boss battle that is complete with special attacks, character swapping, and UI.

It’s one of Final Fantasy VII’s bosses from early in the game, before you meet Aeris. You can control Cloud, Barret, and Tifa in this Dreams creation. And yes, they all have fully animated limit breaks.

Final Fantasy VII is getting an official remake soon. Read our impressions from E3 by heading here.

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Technosphere Reload Review

If I was to tell you that one of the latest games to arrive would have you saving the world in a ten-hour adventure as nothing more than a ball, you’d probably shrug it off as being impossible, right? But of course, you obviously wouldn’t have seen Technosphere Reload, the sci-fi adventure from the minds at Adaptive Game that tasks you with just that and has created a rather engaging experience in the process.

The post Technosphere Reload Review appeared first on TheXboxHub.

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Watch The New Trailer For Westworld Season Three

Outside of a short and cryptic teaser a few months back, we haven’t seen much of what Westworld’s season three has to offer. At SDCC, we got our first deeper look at what to expect from the next season.

In the trailer we see Maeve entering a WWII virtual world and Dolores stays in the real world. We also see Aaron Paul’s character, Caleb, fighting to stay alive and attempting to save someone from falling out of a building. Check the trailer below for yourself.

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Westworld returns in 2020. Last year, Bethesda filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros Entertainment due to the similarities Westworld Mobile has to Fallout Shelter. The lawsuit has since been resolved. You can read more on that story here.

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Astro Bot Originally Had Local Multiplayer

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is one of the must-have PlayStation VR games, with its fantastic platforming that uses clever verticality and perception tricks to immerse you in virtual reality. Recently, SIE Japan’s Asobi team spoke candidly about a handful of features that didn’t make the cut for the final game.

The biggest surprise is that Astro Bot once had 4-player local multiplayer. The team reflects that while they had a fun time testing it out, it wasn’t without setbacks. 

“Except when playing the game in VR, especially solo, things weren’t so fun: the levels built for multiplayer were too large and felt empty,” writes creative director Nicolas Doucet on the PlayStation Blog. “There wasn’t enough use of verticality or perspective, largely because the TV camera had to fit four players on screen at all times and therefore keep movement and amplitude at a minimum. Without noticing, we were slowly putting the priority on TV play at the expense of VR.”

Aside from multiplayer, Doucet also brings up that the team experimented with  animations where Astro Bot would dance to background music when you leave your game idling for a certain amount of time, and they also attempted to create a giant spider enemy that spewed fire.

You can read the entire post by heading to the PlayStation Blog here. For more on Astro Bot, read our glowing review here.

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