What is the Best Gift for a Poker Player this Holiday Season?

Every year PokerNews.com shares a gift guide before the Holiday season is upon us. This year at the top of the list is D&B Publishing books that have a variety of topics all focused on the poker world and its many facets. D&B have many wonderful books and the titles they published in 2019 continue their remarkable record: Modern Poker Theory – the ultimate and comprehensive guide to no-limit hold’em poker based on GTO principles. FossilMan’s Winning Tournament Strategies – a comprehensive guide to all aspects of tournament play by the legend, Greg Raymer. Mastering Mixed Games – a thorough introduction to the weird and wonderful poker variants including flop games, stud games and triple draw games. Purposeful Practice for Poker – the fast track route to improving your poker skills based on latest research into the science of expertise. Poker & Pop Culture – The definitive guide to the history of poker and THE perfect gift for a poker fan Go to www.dandbpoker.com for full details on these and many other titles. And be sure to check out the 2019 PokerNews Gift Guide:


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