Valfaris: 5 Reasons It’s the Heaviest Metaliest Game of the Year

If you like your gaming experiences loud and over-the-top (and excellent), then you’re in luck – Valfaris, the heavy metal action-platformer, is available to download today for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. With its heady mix of relentless run-and-gun thrills and rowdy ear-blistering riffs, here are five reasons why Valfaris is the heaviest metaliest […]

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game-as-service platform – but that service is mods

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming down the pipe, and while the actual release is still some distance away, the insider program and playable tests are soon getting underway in earnest. We got a gorgeous new trailer among the X019 news, but there are still a lot of questions about the features of the latest in plane games – including mods. While we still don’t know specifics, it seems that community creations are pretty core to the team’s plans. “We are a platform maker,” production head Jorg Neumann tells us. “Our responsibility is to the community who wants to make content.” Neumann says he stays in contact with some of the community’s most dedicated modders – including one who books vacations at airports for research. “He takes 20,000 pictures, and then he builds airports for a year. That’s his hobby.” Neumann says “I want those people to have all the tools. I tell them, ‘tell me what you always wanted and you never had, so we can build it for you.’”

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New Gameplay Today – Google Stadia

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Google Stadia launches tomorrow, giving players another way to consume games. The twist here is that Stadia users will be playing games by streaming them online, without having to download anything on their Chromecast devices or browsers. We’ve seen streaming services before, with varying results. Has Google finally cracked the code? If only there was a new episode of NGT that tried to answer that question…

Think of the November 19 launch as a soft launch. Much of the platform’s most-interesting functionality, such as shareable save states, isn’t available for people who bought the Founder’s Pack. Check out today’s episode to see how hot releases like Destiny 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 fare on the tech.

For more on Google Stadia, you can check out Ben Reeves’ review

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