Casino Verite Software Problems – false currency when playing


I have had several problems for years with Casino Verite (5.0 then 5.5 now the 5.6.230 version).
One of them is that when I am playing, my bankroll and bets are displayed in a false currency
(“Fr”, probably Swiss Francs is meant, rather than U.S. dollars.).

I bought CV Blueprint Edition in 2008, then CV 4.0 till 5.5 in 2009 and 2010.
My old computer had Windows XP, and I think it displayed USD as currency back then.
However, I had several problems when my notebook crashed in June 2010 and then
I had to buy a new one (HP Pavilion dv 6) with Windows 7, which I still have,
and then had to reinstall CV and CV Shuffle on the new Windows 7 machine.

Maybe the problem is that I’m living in Switzerland and one time searched for a Swiss casino
in the CV casino database, and this might have led to CV switching the currency?
However, currently I see a “Harrah’s” casino, sometimes also “Bellagio”,
without remembering to have selected a special casino.
Actually I only want to setup a card counting betting and playing strategy and then play.

Another problem is that whenever I select Options – Settings – Environment and then check the option
“2.50 Dollar chips exist”, then click OK, CV does not save this option. When I switch back to
Options – Settings – Environment, the option is again not checked.
I have set “Novice”, don’t know if this is the reason.

I remember having played CV with simplified chip design (as in the CV Blueprint edition)
and then seeing the pink 2.50 dollar chips. But I have never managed to get the 2.50 dollar
pink chip option to work in combination with realistic chip design.
When I bet a red 5 chip and get a natural, I still get 1 dollar chips and 1/2 dollar coin, but wish to get a pink chip in this case.

Anyone has the same problem?

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