OSRS Mining Guide for 1-99

Mining is one of the original skills that came with the original launch of Runescape and goes hand-in-hand with Smithing. Unlike other gathering skills like Woodcutting or Fishing, Mining requires you manually click for each ore, making it one of the least AFK skills in the game. This OSRS Mining Guide will go over the efficient ways of getting Level 99 so that it is a less painful process.

What do I need to know about Mining training for P2P?

While the paid version of the game has more options to explore, mining is still a very tedious skill that most players avoid. Fortunately, it is relatively fast to train and can be profitable if you stick it out until higher levels. There are multiple quests that give mining experience, including Doric’s Quest and Plague City so you can skip to Iron rocks right away.

Iron Power Mining (15+)

Mining Iron is one of the oldest and most consistent methods to train mining and some players do it all the way to Level 99. It is really only worth doing it in areas that have three rocks next to each other, like Fossil Island or the Al Karid Mine. To boost your power mining, wear Varrock Armor or the Prospector Kit.

The most optimal place to train would be the Mining Guild due to its passive mining boost, which will net just over 70,000 experience per hour. If you want to bank your ores, this is also the best place to do so with just a slight sacrifice in experience.

Granite Power Mining (75+)

While the Quarry in the middle of the Kharidian Desert seems like an impractical spot to mine, it is one of the fastest training methods if utilizing 3-tick manipulation. It is best to use the South-West part of the mine, and with consistent use of your tick-manipulating items, you can get well over 100,000 experience per hour. Be sure to wear Desert Robes, water skins or your Desert Amulet 4 to prevent dying of thirst.

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Motherlode Mine (30+)

The Motherlode Mine is the only viable way to AFK train this skill, although it comes at a sacrifice of slower experience per hour. This minigame consists of multiple steps, including mining “Pay Dirt”, putting it into the hopper and picking up loads of clean ore.

The ore will be randomly generated and based on your mining level. With a higher mining level, more expensive ores will be unlocked, and you can make a decent amount of money. Non-tradeable rewards are also unlocked like the Coal Bag and the Prospector Kit for 2.5% additional mining experience.

You can start this mini-game at Level 30 mining but you would be lucky to break 20,000 experience per hour. If you start at Level 61 mining, you can get well over 30,000 experience per hour.

Volcanic Mine (70+)

If you have over 150 Kudos, this is the second fastest way of training mining in the game. With a bit of practice and a diligent team, you can consistently blast through this minigame and get well over 80,000 experience per hour. Luckily, the Minigame Group Finder makes it easy to find other players if you don’t have a raid team.

Runite Ore (85+)

Since Runite rocks are scarce and highly profitable, it can be difficult to compete with other players, including gold farmers. Luckily there are multiple rock locations that were added to the game, and utilizing skill total or PvP worlds, you can still consistently make up to 500,000 gold per hour but with a measly 5,000 experience or less per hour.

Runite Rock Locations

  • NorthWest of the Wilderness Lava Maze
  • Lava Maze Dungeon
  • The Wilderness Frozen Waste Plateau
  • Fossil Island
  • The North Eat Island in Neitiznot
  • Mourner Tunnels Mine
  • The Members-only part of the Mining Guild
  • The Heroes’ Guild
  • The Myths’ Guild
  • Mor UI Rek

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Training in F2P can be nearly the same speed as training in P2P, but with limited options and lots of bots to compete with. Fortunately, getting to Level 85 is a worthy goal as you can make more gold that the majority of money-making methods in F2P.

Tin/Copper Power Mining (1-15)

As doing Doric’s Quest will only get you to Level 10, you will need to mine tin or copper before you can reach iron. While it’s still slow, you can easily bang out the last five levels at tin in Barbarians’ Village, the Lumbridge Swamp, and several other locations.

Iron Power Mining (15+)

Mining iron is the most efficient means of getting to Level 99 in F2P as coal, mithril, and other ores have a lag between hits. Once you upgrade your pickaxe to Rune, you will instantly get iron ore within the first tick so training mostly becomes about how fast you can click. You should easily get between 40,000 to 60,000 experience per hour in most locations.

Since there are so many spots taken over by bots in F2P, it may be worth venturing into Wilderness locations like the Southern Wilderness Mine or the Hobgoblin Mine. You may also use P2P worlds and bring only your pickaxe so you won’t lose anything of value.

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Adamantite Ore (70+)

While it isn’t the best option for training, Adamantite is still quite expensive and may be worth mining once you hit 70 mining. Assuming you don’t have too much competition, you can get around 8,000 mining experience and over 100,000 gold per hour.

The most consistent place to score Adamant rocks with little competition would be in the Wilderness Hobgoblin Mine. There will be plenty of enemies attacking you, so you won’t even have to worry about other players killing you.

Runite Ore (85+)

Runite Ore is even more scarce than in P2P, but it can still be one of the fastest money-making methods in the free version of the game. The only two rocks are to the NorthWest of the Lava Maze and is a frequent hotspot for Pkers and bots. The best strategy would be to hop worlds finding rocks, including the PvP world, and have a secondary account to protect against other players.

Final Thoughts

As mining isn’t the most pleasant skill to train, hopefully, this OSRS Mining Guide will help you blast through the levels and get yet another skill cape. If you are an Ironman, it is worth saving as much ore as you can to use with the Blast Furnace and to smith alchable items. For regular accounts, it is better just to use power training methods.

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