Cyber Hunter Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Cyber Hunter is the latest mobile battle royale on the block, and it’s quite the slick experience. It takes its cues from Fortnite primarily, with a focus on building. However, it massively simplifies the process by giving you set buildings and equipment you can build using Quantum Energy. As a result, it not only appeals to the Fortnite crowd but those that never liked the building in Fortnite in the first place.

It does have plenty of its own innovation though, thanks to its awesome movement system. You can climb anything, glide at any moment, and roll to dodge out of the way of enemy fire or into cover. Not only is it incredibly fun stuff, but it makes you feel a lot more confident while surviving because you have more tools at your disposal. It feels very much like The Legend of Zelda in its movement systems, which is a huge compliment.

There’s a lot to learn in Cyber Hunter and we’re here to help bring you up to speed. We’ve played a bunch to bring you these top tips and tricks to help you win more often than you lose.

Cyber Hunter Tips and Tricks:

  • Spend some time adjusting to the new systems: Cyber Hunter might look familiar, but it actually plays quite differently to what you know. We recommend playing a few rounds against bots to get familiar. Learn how to climb, build stuff with quantum, and glide and roll. Nail it, then crack on with the game.
  • Don’t overthink it though: Ultimately, this is just another battle royale though, and the rules are the same. Tried and true methods from other games still work here. You’re still avoiding the deadly storm, still battling it out against 99 other players, and still looting stuff.
  • Pick skills that suit your play style: As you progress throughout the game, you’ll unlock a wide variety of new skills. These are basically the things that you can build with Quantum Energy, and you can only bring three of them into battle with you. At the beginning you’ll be limited but as you level up you’ll unlock more skills. These include healing equipment, barricades, watch towers, and motorcycles — among many more. Select the ones that compliment your play style and weapon choices.
  • Use the new movement skills to your advantage: Remember that you can glide off buildings and mountains, dodge away from gunfire, and climb literally everything. Keep this in mind to both avoid and get the jump on your opponents.
  • Automatic shooting is best: Don’t bother with manual shooting on mobile — it’s a right chore. Instead, select automatic shooting and just focus on aiming that gun. Let the shooting take care of itself.

  • You can be more aggressive in Cyber Hunter: Due to the movement systems and Quantum-powered building you can actually afford to be a bit more aggressive in Cyber Hunter. Rather than hole up, you could spend the game hunting down enemy players. Just play smart.
  • Complete your daily quests: Each day, you can complete three quests for extra seasonal rewards. These won’t actually help you win games as rewards are purely cosmetic, but everyone likes a lovely new jacket and trainers, don’t they?
  • Weekly challenges are as important as ever though: Just like in Fortnite, completing the weekly challenges provide the best rewards — including those all-important seasonal rewards. Take a glance at them and focus on completing a few weekly.
  • Open 10 Elite Supply Chests at once: To save yourself some virtual currency, we strongly recommend that you buy 10 Elite Supply Chests at once. That will save you 10% on the price, which is basically getting a chest for free. Over time, that adds up.
  • Keep your bonuses up: You’ll regularly unlock V-Coin and Exp bonuses as you play, and you should keep them up at all times. That way you’ll progress faster and get some sweet swag.

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