‘Alien: Blackout’ Gets a Massive Discount Today Only to Celebrate Alien Day

A little while ago, the Alien account started teasing a new game and as with most announcements that end up being mobile games, certain people were very angry. Thankfully, Alien: Blackout ($0.99) is well worth your time. Read our review of it here. After it debuted a few months ago, the game has gotten quite a few updates to fix bugs but the big 2.0.0 update that hit last month was great.

Version 2.0.0 for Alien: Blackout added SURVIVE which is a new hardcore mode. This mode has no saves between levels, no restarts, and only 3 power slots. Earlier updates added story scene skips for replaying levels, turning speed changes, more performance optimisations, and visual updates.

April 26th is Alien Day to celebrate LV-426 (the moon on which Aliens is set) and with it comes celebrations across the franchise including Alien: Blackout. you can buy it for just $0.99 today at 80% off if you’ve not played it yet. Check out our forum thread for discussions here.

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