2019 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s Eleven San Diego Classic: Recap of Flights 1A and 1B

The April running of the 2019 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic kicked off on Thursday, Apr. 25 with the first two of six total starting flights. This marks the ninth time that the CPPT has made it’s way to beautiful Oceanside, California to for this $250 buy-in main event.

2019 CPPT San Diego Classic January Champion Matthew WelchThe tournament features a $150,000 estimated prize pool this year but has previously drawn as many as 949 entries to create a prize pool worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The January 2019 edition of the San Diego Classic drew 823 total entries, with Matthew Welch earning $41,300 as the eventual champion.

Flight 1A saw a total of 107 entries made, while flight 1B added another 75. With 182 total entries so far the prize pool has already grown to $36,400 with four starting flights still available to play. Players can also take advantage of the Quantum Tournament structure of this event and buy-in directly into day 2 for $1,500 on Sunday, Apr. 28. Players that elect to take advantage of this option will receive 100,000 in tournament chips, and can also pay a $30 optional staff add-on to receive another 20,000. Blinds will begin at 1,000-2,000 on day 2. Players can re-enter once before the end of the second level on day 2.

From the 182 entries in flights 1A and 1B, only 27 players made it through to day 2, with Michael Knight bagging up the largest stack of 195,300.

Here is a look at the complete chip counts of those who survived flights 1A and 1B:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Michael Knight 195,300
2 David Leese 180,500
3 Albert Wallake 173,000
4 Jonathon Kollath 171,000
5 Alan Marks 159,500
6 Noam Fliegelman 154,500
7 Kirk Chui 134,800
8 Stephen Winters 130,300
9 Richard Furfaro 120,900
10 Cheng Xu 118,000
11 Dennis Bell 114,300
12 Shawn Daniels 113,700
13 Adam Martel 112,500
14 Joseph Zeller 111,200
15 Ron Novini 105,400
16 Cameron Sinclair 102,900
17 Kenneth Sullivan 81,000
18 Lucy Hargett 78,000
19 John Conway 73,500
20 Charles Fisher 69,000
21 Micah Lambert 62,000
22 Howard Cornbleth 57,200
23 George Picerne 51,000
24 Mark Muller 42,500
25 Cam Nataro 20,300
26 John MitSakos 18,500
27 Dane Linn 15,300

Ocean’s 11 is the only casino in Southern California located along the Pacific Ocean on the Interstate 5 freeway, less than a mile from some of the area’s most picturesque beaches.

The property also boasts 50 tables of the best poker and table games found anywhere in California with all the favorite poker games, including no-limit and limit hold’em, Omaha, Omaha eight-or-better, pot-limit Omaha, and crazy pineapple.

For more information on the Card Player Poker Tour, click here.

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