Playing Rated Under a False Name.

So I’ve found myself in a situation where it is possible for me to acquire a high quality Fake ID.

I’m considering getting it strictly for the use of signing up for players cards. Right now I play as a refusal 100% and have been successful in protecting my identity even with pit critters asking for my ID right before a back off.

My thoughts are that it probably seems weird for a repeat gambler to always turn down a players card. Although I do see the greater value in having a clean name and being able to play, I’ve also heard that being a refusal is on the checklist of identifying advantage players. I would also be able to claim some of the comps I collect.

I would only use it once initially, for signing up for the card and would offer my real ID for law enforcement or any thing legal that may arise.

Does anyone see pros or cons in this?
Thoughts comments and experience welcome.

(Although I’m not up to have the discussion of just playing rated under ones real name, my mind is made up)

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