EU Version of The Days Gone Digital Deluxe Edition Seems to Have Listed Extra Content in Error

You might have noticed a change in the listing of content you get with the Digital Deluxe Edition of Days Gone if you’re in the EU. It appears there was an error in the listing, previously stating that buyers would gain access to three post-campaign Survivor Stories with new missions and jobs, all to be released by December of 2019. But now, that content seems to have been removed, alluding to an error made in the original ad.

What you now get with the EU Digital Deluxe Edition is as follows:

  • Days Gone
  • Monkey Wrench Skill (Early Unlock)
  • 3 Bike Skins
  • Digital Mini Art Book
  • Digital Original Music
  • Dynamic Theme

Days Gone Digital Deluxe Edition

Some ResetEra users are speculating that perhaps those three Survivor Stories might be included later on as part of Days Gone’s free DLC plan. This hasn’t been confirmed and as it stands, there is no mention of those extra missions, paid or not. Although, even if there was an error in the original listing, we will likely see these additional missions at a later time — whether they are paid or not is unknown.

It makes sense that this was an error since the difference between the base version and Digital Deluxe Edition is only £10, which is more in line with what’s included now. £10 for all of the included extras *plus* three story missions is a bit of a stretch.

Keep in mind, all of this is based on the EU version of the game, as it doesn’t appear like any other regions included this error in the original listing.

One thing you should know is that the Days Gone soundtrack is available on Spotify, currently. So if that was one of your main reasons for wanting the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can potentially save your money and just listen to it for free that way.

Days Gone is out this Friday, April 26th, exclusively for PS4. We’ll let you know if we hear anything about those three additional story missions.

[Source: ResetEra]

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