Ed Boon Debunks Reports That It Costs $6,440 to Buy Every Mortal Kombat 11 Skin

Earlier today, we reported that it would cost $6440 to buy all of the skins available in Mortal Kombat 11. This was based on a thread by Reddit user AccomplishedPoet8, where they broke down the alleged cost of  buying all in-game skins. As it turns out, this is not true, per a tweet from series co-creator, Ed Boon. In his tweet, he noted that “The VAST VAST majority of MK11 skins are NOT for sale,” which is the issue with the $6,440 figure. The math wasn’t wrong, it simply comes down to the fact that many of the skins cannot be purchased with real world money, according to Boon’s tweet.

Our original article and the reports from many other outlets relied on the Reddit user’s research but failed to account for the fact that in-game unlocks and things purchased for Time Krystals (Mortal Kombat 11’s real-world money currency) are largely separate entities.

In the original report, we also noted that it would take around 3390 hours to unlock all of the skins simply by playing the game, which still holds up at this time. However, NetherRealm Studios is working on a more balanced experience for both Towers of Time and Krypt to make it less of a grind to earn items in the game. This update should roll out soon, and we will let you know when it goes live.

The response to this has still been met with skepticism, as many fans believe the in-game economy is far too complicated. Others are upset that there is too much grinding, which should be fixed soon. Some believe you should have to play the game to unlock everything, even if it is a grind. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, we appreciate that it’s been cleared up and that you don’t actually have to—and altogether can’t—spend $6,440 to unlock everything. Although, in the meantime, you might want to hold off before grinding, since a patch will be coming soon.

We apologize for the error in our original reporting on the cost of Mortal Kombat 11 skins.

If you want to spend a mere 1% of the incorrectly alleged skin cost however, you can purchase Mortal Kombat 11 over on Amazon.

[Source: Twitter]

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