BitLife Mini-game Guide: How to Commit a Burglary, How to Escape Prison, How to Win at Casino Blackjack and How to Win at the Horse Races

Let’s make this clear, we all love a good minigame. Whether you are stealing laptops from a lawyer’s house or betting your life savings down at the track, there is some serious fun to be had with the BitLife minigames. This week saw the introduction of minigames on Android devices, we thought we should celebrate this momentous achievement with a state-of-the-art guide.

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How to Commit a Burglary

The burglary minigame is the newest addition to BitLife and probably the hardest. The aim of the game is simple, get as many items as you can without being caught by the owner or guard dogs. Each item you collect increases your profit and choosing the right home will increase your profits too.

  • Choose the right home. When you are planning a burglary, you will get a choice of three potential homes. Each of these homes is named by what job the owner does, for example, they could be a stockbroker or a hipster. Either way, this should tell you a lot about the house you are going to steal from. If the job sounds like it would be high paying, like a lawyer or stockbroker, then target this home. A hipster or neighbour won’t have as valuable items and therefore less profit.

  • Keep one eye on the patrols. When you burgle the house up to four enemies will spawn to try to stop you. Keeping one eye on them is crucial as they often go where you are about to. So you need quick reactions and a steady hand to stay out of detection range.
  • What is the detection range? Getting within the line of sight of the homeowner or guard dog will often cause them to chase you until you leave. If you think you have been spotted by someone in the home, then make your way for the exit immediately. Leaving with one item or nothing is far better than being caught!

How to Escape Prison

This minigame is far more relaxed than burglary because there is no rush to the finish. In fact, if you rush towards the exit you are far more likely to be caught. Every step you take forward the guard takes two, so try to get the guard stuck in order to escape.

  • Get the guard stuck. If the map is awkwardly shaped with plenty of dead ends, then this means you should try to get the guard stuck here. If you want to leave the prison, you need the guard to follow you into an area where he cannot move forward.


  • Trial and error. Unfortunately, if you want to escape, you will need to fail a few times. A perfect escape involves a lot of perfect moves all put together. Having one move at the wrong time will cause the guard to not get stuck and come straight for you.

How to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is a game all about getting to a total of 21. Getting over this target will cause you to bust, and you give up your chance to make any money. Sticking way below the target of 21 will mean you are easy for the dealer to beat. So it requires good judgement calls to avoid losing all the time.

  • Stick or twist? A rule of thumb I live by is if I have 17 or over as my total score, I often stick. If you stick, then you still have a chance that the dealer will bust and then you win anyway. Twisting to get a low number is silly because often you bust immediately.

  • Play safe. This relates to the tip above, but ideally you never ever want to bust. Busting is the worst outcome you can have because then you don’t have a single chance of winning. Imagine entering a drag race but you crash your car before you get to the line, embarrassing right?
  • Does the dealer have an ace? If the dealer has an ace, then odds are you have just lost. They cover the other card so you still might win, but it’s likely you have already lost.

How to Win at Horse Racing

Winning at horse racing is not just blind luck in real life, its blind luck in BitLife too. There are five horses running in this race, meaning if you win you return five times the value of what you bet. This could be the quickest way to make a load of money, but be really lucky.

  • Pick a horse, any horse. As far as I can tell, the horses are named randomly, so no matter how funny a name is it won’t have a higher chance to win. With that being said, my last two wins have involved horses with phallic names, so maybe that’s the key?

  • Note who won last time. What seems to help me is I note what colours do well in the previous race. I rarely bet for the same colour, as in if blue won last time I won’t bet blue this time. But if green came second last race, then I bet on green this time around.

With any minigame you need a good combination of blind luck and pure skill. Some games require more luck than others, but persistence seems to be the key. If you fail at escaping prison, burglary or horse racing long enough, eventually you will win.

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