AxE: Alliance vs Empire Version 1.02.00 Guide: Pets, Level 100, Valley of Corruption, Base War, and More Explained

AxE: Alliance vs Empire just got its first big update that introduces a ton of new features to the popular mobile MMORPG. This includes pets, a level cap increase, a new area to battle through, and a new PvP mode.

There’s also a revamp to a bunch of features in the game that Nexon felt could be better, seasonal event stuff, and a bunch of bug fixes – as you can expect.

In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the changes to help bring you up to speed.

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AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Pets:

The highlight of this new update is clearly the new pet system, which introduces a bunch of new furry creatures to the game. These guys will follow you around the battlefield, provide you with a bunch of stat boosts, and look absolutely adorable.

To unlock the feature, you’ll have to complete the new quest: ‘No Really, It’s My Pet’ and then grab one from the Shop or via in-game content. We’re not entirely sure how you get one from content right now, as the update is so new. We’ll let you know though.

Pets have a grade when you unlock them, and can level up alongside you when you feed them. When they reach the maximum level, you can upgrade them to a higher grade by using Pet Upgrade Stones.

There are three types of Pets: Brave, Sturdy, and Smart, and each of them acquire different stats and Passive Skills depending on their type. We assume Brave is for damage, Sturdy is for defence, and Smart is for magic.

If you get a Pet that you don’t want, you can part with it to earn Pet development items or Summon Chests, that let you get new pets.

There’s also a new Pet Collection feature that provides you with even more stat upgrades for collecting and levelling up a wide variety of Pets. So it’s actually a good idea to try and collect and level them all to get these stat boosts, picking the one that works best for you as your battle companion.

Area 9 – Valley of Corruption

There’s a brand new area to battle your way through in AxE. It’s the ninth area in the game and it goes by the name Valley of Corruption.

Visually, it looks like a total hellscape, with spikey towers, green lava, and treacherous drawbridges to cross. In other words, the name is incredibly apt.

In terms of plot, your goal is to purify the corrupted valley and we hope that will provide some visual effects because it looks seriously grim. You’ll likely face new monsters, complete new quests, and maybe even meet the odd new character or two.

New PvP Mode – Base War

Base War is a brand new mode that you can only play in Valley of Corruption. It replaces Turf War and plays very similarly, with the two Factions battling it out to control as many bases as possible. The Faction with the most bases controlled during the allotted time wins.

To take a base as your own, you have to get inside and stay there for five seconds. If the base is already owned by the opposing Faction, you have to stay there for 10 seconds.

Depending on the map, there are between three and five bases to capture in total. The more bases under your control at any given time, the faster the occupation percentage (basically the win meter) will fill.

You’ll only receive a Base War reward if you stay at least three seconds within a captured base, so this isn’t a mode for AFKers.

New Level Cap – 100

The level cap has been increased from 80 to 100, with each class getting a new active and passive skills. The active skills are obtainable at level 70, and include:

Clas Skill
Blademaster Righteous Projection
Archer Crimson Fusillade
Titan Seismic Strike
Mage Orbs of Enmity
Valkyrie Angelic Upheaval
Warrior Hallowed Be Thy Earth

There’s also a brand new passive skill for all classes that boosts your HP. This becomes available at level 90.

Finally, the number of skill points you can spend has gone up from 50 to 70, allowing you to improve your build.

What Else is New?

Those are the biggest and most exciting new features before, but we’ll still round up everything else that’s getting introduced below in a few quick-fire paragraphs.

New Rune – Leo:

There’s a brand new Rune Constellation, Leo, which will boost your stats if you unlock it.

Field of Honor – Rework

Field of Honor now lets you use your Attribute and Weapon Skills, with adjusted effects. There’s also a bunch of exclusive skill effects that only work in the Field of Honor.

You can check the new skill effects by visiting your list of Skills and Attributes and selecting the Field of Honor dropdown.

New Costume – Virtuous Barron:

If you like spending money on costumes, there’s a brand new one: the Virtuous Barron.

New Seasonal Event – Magic Pouch:

There’s a brand new Magic Pouch event incoming, alongside seven day attendance and mission events. You’ll have to wait and see what these offer though.

New Packs – Pets and Area 9:

To celebrate the addition of Pets and Area 9, new packs will be added to the shop. Again, if you like spending money, you can grab these.

Misc – Improvements and Bug Fixes


1. Decreased difficulty of Eternal Sanctum Siege Bosses.

2. Added an on/off feature for Flight route in Mini-map.

3. Decreased the number of Guild members required for Guild Battle application. (10 → 5)


Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed error where effects would be incorrectly displayed in UI.

2. Fixed error where UI would be displayed abnormally in certain device and tablet resolutions.

3. Fixed error where items stats and corresponding descriptions would be displayed incorrectly.

4. Fixed UI display error of Daily Quest reward in Area 8.

5. Fixed bug where indicator would be displayed abnormally while going through Quests.

6. Fixed the error where the item list of the feature [Items Obtained So Far] would occasionally be displayed abnormally when network connection is not stable.

7. Fixed the awkward entrance effect of Pirate Hideout Boss.

8. Fixed the error where the Weapon Skill info would not appear in Preset.

9. Fixed the error where Missions and Dungeons would occasionally not proceed automatically after completing all Main Quests.

10. Fixed the error where allies would occasionally appear as enemies and seem as if they could be attacked in Guild Battle.

11. Fixed the error where unlocked stats would appear as if they had increased when developing Wings.

12. Fixed the error where rewards would be occasionally awarded despite not participating in Conflict.

13. Fixed the error where the Request Support for World Boss function would not function properly.

14. Fixed the error where the attack of the Boss in Floor 47 of Eternal Sanctum was configured abnormally.

15. Fixed the error where Wings would move after the character died.

16. Fixed the error where the ‘Record’ feature in Settings > Game tab would not be visible in Android devices.

17. Fixed the error where abandoning the Arena and Field of Honor would occasionally not be counted as Defeat.


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