Transport Fever 2 officially announced – Coming to PC in Q4 2019

After over two years since the release of the original Transport Fever, developer Urban Games and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment have officially announced that Transport Fever 2 is scheduled to arrive at ‘Launch Station’ in Q4 2019. According to the press release, the launch of Transport Fever 2 will mark a “new gold standard” for the classic transport simulation genre.

An announcement trailer has been released which shows off vastly improved graphics over the original (it will now feature physics-based lighting), along with a montage of different transport vehicles throughout the ages: cars, buses, planes, trains, and of course boats too.

Transport Fever 2 will allow players to build a transportation empire starting from the year of 1850 straight up to modern times. Over 200 vehicles will be included all of which span those many decades of technological advancement. There are various types of landscape to deal with across the three continents that will be included in the game: America, Asia and Europe. Transport Fever 2 will feature a toolset that will allow players to craft their transportation network “intuitively”. Even wildlife will play a part to breathe new life into the world with animals, birds, and fish all being individually simulated. The economic simulation is also a big part of the experience and the game will feature over ten economic chains along with various factories and goods. Getting passengers to-and-fro isn’t the only objective, as players will also be tasked with delivering raw goods and materials which will help drive up the economy. Overall, the developers are promising over 20 hours of gameplay which will span across three campaigns linked to the aforementioned three continents.

Seeing that it won’t be available until Q4 of this year, don’t expect to get your hands on Transport Fever 2 until the Fall/Winter time. Even so, the team has already confirmed that much more of the game will be shown off leading up to that release time.

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