Rumble Stars Guide: Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Rumble Stars is a brand new Clash Royale-style arena battler that provides a fun new spin on the glorious sport of football. You’ll fire out a bunch of collectible animal heads into the arena in your efforts to score a goal.

Each animal head serves a different purpose. Bulls will chase down the nearest attacker and frustrate them, wolves will fire highly accurate shots from a distance, and tigers will relentlessly attack the goal.

It’s incredibly fun stuff, and only gets better as you progress, unlocking new animals and coming up with different strategies along the way. In this guide, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks to get you off to a flying start.

Rumble Stars Tips and Tricks:

  • Pick a balanced team: Much like in real football, you won’t have much luck fielding a team of attackers, defenders, or midfielders. The beauty is in the balance. You can bring eight animals into the field with you, and only four are available at any one time. We opted for two strikers, two defenders, two all-rounders, and two panic buttons for use in emergencies.
  • Energy cost matters: You’re going to want to have a variety of units to send into battle against your opponent, and that includes some cheaper, weaker units like Loyal Dog. He might not score many goals, but his assist count is through the roof, and he can help support Striker Tiger, Lazy Panda, and Sniper Wolf.
  • Sniper Wolf bosses the early game: We scored most of our goals with Sniper Wolf in the early divisions. If he manages to get a shot off, chances are it’s going in the goal. You’ll want to use him when the arena is empty though, or support him with a Raging Bull if possible.
  • Striker Tiger is all about the late game: We actually found that as the game went on and goes into the boost stage, different characters suddenly come into their own. Striker Tiger is a bit too expensive to be useful during the early game, when Sniper Wolf is the better option. Unleash him during the late game though, and he’ll relentlessly attack the goal. He’s great for ensuring a last gasp winner.
  • Magnetman is best used on the enemy keeper: If you can sniff a goal is on its way, chuck out Magnetman and get him to pull the enemy keeper out of the way. We can’t count the number of times we’ve got a sneaky goal this way.
  • Defeating the keeper isn’t actually that important: We found focusing on the units that are actually on the pitch is more rewarding than defeating the keeper. If you counter them, you can usually get a Loyal Dog and Lazy Panda combo or Sniper Wolf to score you a nice goal.
  • You can replace your keeper with stationary units: We usually make a habit of placing the cannon where the keeper is. This does limit where you can fire new units, but it’s virtually impossible to scare against it. Lazy Panda is also very effective at this, and can clear the ball with the best of them.
  • Open your Goal Chest daily: The Goal Chest is a free chest you can open as soon as you’ve scored ten goals in a single day. It’s worth doing this at least every single day, as the rewards are well worth it.
  • Always be opening a chest: You’ll always want to have a chest ticking down to open. If not, you’re wasting potential rewards. Prioritise your more time-intensive chests as these are the best.
  • Only upgrade units you plan on using: Upgrading units is actually surprisingly expensive, so we recommend only bothering with units you actually use. If you never bring Froggy into a match with you, there’s no sense in upgrading him.

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