Purple Diver Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

I am sure we’ve all looked up at the top diving board and thought, I could nail a 10/10 dive if everyone wasn’t looking. Well, Purple Diver is your chance to put your diving skills to the test, with few consequences if you get it wrong.

Purple Diver

Purple Diver is all about nailing the most perfect dives. What goes into a perfect dive? A combination of four elements, these elements are; entry, flips, depth and ducks.

Entry refers to how you enter the water, the more vertical your body the better. Flips are style points, you could easily land a perfect dive without a full rotation, but it looks cooler! It closely relates depth to entry, if you have a good entry, then you will travel deep into the pool.

Ducks are the most bizarre aspect from the list above, but it rewards bonus points. Every time you launch off the diving board, a rubber duck ring will spawn somewhere in the pool. Contacting this duck gives bonus points, and if you land perfectly through the ring, you’ll earn even more points.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies.

  • Practice! To nail dives in Purple Diver, you have to practice. Do you think Olympic divers just waltz up to the board and land a perfect ten? They spend hours and hours every day practicing their perfect dives, so you should too.

  • Focus on entry. If you can enter the water at a great angle, then you have won half the battle. A great entry allows for great depth, meaning a good score. Hitting the duck or going through the rings are all bonus, a good entry is essential.
  • Straighten up. If you are unsure how to get a good entry, you need to land either head or feet first. Landing flat on your belly or back is terrible regarding Olympic diving, so avoid doing so here.

  • Tap or hold? If you are confident in releasing a hold just before the waterline, then go for it. Most of us will struggle to time our rotations perfectly, so I recommend the tap approach. You can tap several times before hitting the water to rotate just a little more. Or wait till as late as possible to tap a little for that perfect dive.
  • Rings equal risk! If you see red rings slowly moving across the pool, then note that they bring risk. If any part of you contacts the ring, then your dive is over. I either recommend launching early to avoid it or late when it is just about to move past. If you are feeling brave, then go for it, just know that ten failed attempts at a level causes you to go back one.

  • Keep playing. You may feel that because you’ve nailed a few in a row that this is getting easy, wrong! The more you play this game the more fun it becomes with more rings introduced and awkward shaped pools to jump into. If you give up on this early, then you are missing the best parts!

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