BitLife Ribbons guide – A list of all 30 ribbons and how to get them

BitLife Android

BitLife took its sweet time coming to Android, and when it did eventually turn up, it did so without the ribbons. That’s a huge shame, because collecting ribbons is one of the huge draws of this life simulator.

For those that haven’t played this game yet, it’s a lot like The Sims, except it’s entirely text-based. You can live any type of life you want to, from famous actor to a criminal who spends their life behind bars.

In this guide, we’re going to list all of the ribbons in BitLife and how to get them. We’re aware that they aren’t available in BitLife on Android yet, but they will be soon and we want to be right there when it happens.

BitLife ribbons list:

Ribbon: How to get it:
Cat Lady Get as many cats as you can and keep their bars on green at all times. Neglect your friends and family.
Mooch Ask every family member for money once per year for your entire life.
Model Bitizen Maintain good relationships with your friends and family, don’t take drunks and alcohol, and call the police when you witness a crime.
Family Guy Marry, have kids, and keep your bars at green their entire lives.
Thief Steal as much as you can but try not to get caught.
Rich Earn at least 1 million and neglect your friends and family.
Mediocre Achieve literally nothing with your BitLife.
Lazy Press the age button until your BitLife is over.
Fertile Have four kids and do little else with your life.
Unlucky Die of an accident or terminal illness at a young age.
Wasteful End your life right at the beginning.
Lustful Fornicate as many times as you can. It helps to go to the gym a lot and have plastic surgery to get your looks up.
Academic Build up your smarts by going to the library once per year, study hard, and go to university.
Scandalous Start a lot of fights and spend time in prison. Preferably start fights there too.
Loaded Earn over 10 million in a single BitLife.
Hero Max out your karma during a BitLife. Be nice and generous to people.
Cunning Escape prison and stay out for the duration of your BitLife.
Teammate Get a job with Candywriter! Get a job as a mobile app developer.
Wicked Have a lot of threesomes but avoid single sexual encounters so you don’t get lustful instead.
Houdini Escape from prison numerous times during a single BitLife.
Rowdy Host loads of house parties and argue as often as possible.
Geriatric Live past 100 and have a relatively uneventful life. It helps to max out your healthiness.
Stupid Drop out of school, don’t study, don’t go to the library, and make lots of poor decisions.
Jailbird Spend your life in prison – preferably dying in there.
Deadly Become a serial killer.
Famous Get a job as a porn star or actor and post a lot on social media.
Successful Get married, have kids, earn a lot of money, and have nice things. But not too nice that you accidentally get rich.
Globetrotter Travel a lot and emigrate to multiple countries.
Addict Get an addiction and keep it for the rest of your BitLife.
High Roller Make millions from gambling alone.

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