The Armenian government is hyping Imperator: Rome on Twitter

Are you excited for the latest grand strategy epic from the genre masters at Paradox? The government of Armenia is with you, according to its official Twitter account.

With plenty of hashtags and emojis, a tweet from said account says “Can’t wait to play as the Kingdom of Armenia, who’s a major power in Imperator: Rome, the new historical grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive.” The account is apparently maintained by a team at Armenia’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, so yes, a national government is officially hyping a strategy videogame, and we are in a very strange but enjoyable time line.

The tweet has gone down well, with ‘dirt loving fox’ replying that they will do their first world conquest campaign as Armenia “just for this tweet existing.” It’s had more likes and retweets than most of the account’s recent output, though rather savagely has not been recognised by Paradox who – with over 100,000 followers – has a much stronger following than Armenia’s 15,000.

Here’s the tweet, along with a map of the game’s world at the start. Phrygia and the Seleucids are strong neighbours, but otherwise Armenia looks like a serious regional power:

It’s still amazing to me that a national government is getting excited for a videogame, and a pretty niche one at that. But I’m with them, as from what I got to play late last year, it’s shaping up well – check out our Imperator: Rome preview or our interview with studio manager Johan Andersson for more.

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The Imperator: Rome release date is in just two days’ time, so we (and Armenian prime minister Nikol Pashinyan) don’t have long to wait. Here’s the Steam page; it’ll set you back $39.99 (£34.99), or $54.99 if you opt for the deluxe edition, as Mr Pashinyan surely will.

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