Folding Blocks Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

If you are a fan of mobile games, then you know all about the thrill of a good puzzler. Folding Blocks has what all good puzzlers have, a sense of accomplishment. Even the first few levels provide a decent challenge, which is rare for most puzzle games.

Folding Blocks

Believe it or not, Folding Blocks is all about how you duplicate certain squares. If you are good at thinking ahead and symmetry, then a puzzle game like this will be right up your street. The aim of the game is simple, flip these blocks in such a way they fill the entire screen.

Sounds easy, but some blocks prove to be a pain to flip. Plus, some levels have very awkward with unsymmetrical shapes, making filling the scene rather difficult. I could go on and on about the challenges of Folding Blocks, but let’s get right into how to flip them.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies.

  • Symmetry. There are several levels in Folding Blocks that require perfect symmetry to be completed. You can spot these levels from a mile off because they have two or more blocks in very similar starting positions. A rule of thumb to remember, if they start in a similar position, then they will end in a similar position.
  • Note a lack of symmetry. Some levels are not symmetrical at all, meaning you should change your approach. Rather than trying to move each block in a similar way, experiment with moving them in different directions. If you realise that folding one set of blocks leaves a thin gap, then maybe the other block is supposed to fill it.

  • Flipping think! It’s easy to get stuck in a game like Folding Blocks. However, occasionally it is your fault you can’t progress. You might make the right moves but in the wrong order. Starting with the same move every time is not the best idea, you need to rule out every option.
  • Get rid of adverts. In a game where many failed attempts may cause frustration, you don’t want to sit there and watch a 30-second advert before trying again. So either pay to remove adverts, or go into aeroplane mode to avoid the constant bombardment of adverts.

  • Trial and error. This game is all about trying something and then getting it wrong. Often you will do 80% of the moves required, but all it takes is one error and you have to start again. So, you can either burn through attempts getting it wrong a lot or take your time and think about your first move and the move after that.

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