GameStop’s ‘Guaranteed to Love It’ Offers Two-Day Return Program on New Games

GameStop‘s return policy has remained a divisive topic amongst gamers for years. It seems the company aims to mitigate at least a few concerns with the introduction of the ‘Guaranteed to Love It’ initiative. This new program will allow GameStop costumers to return a newly released game up to two days after launch. With the return, costumers will receive full trade-in credit, regardless of whether the product has been opened and used.

The Cheap Ass Gamer Twitter page was first to report details on GameStop’s latest program. Interestingly, there’s more to the story, too. The first game ‘Guaranteed to Love It’ will apply to is PlayStation’s very own Days Gone, slated to hit stores in just a few days.

See Cheap Ass Gamer’s Twitter post on the matter below:

Inquiring about the program’s legitimacy, Polygon reached out to a GameStop representative. The following statement is what the publication received in return, confirming the initiative does indeed exist:

True to our core promise, today’s announcement is a testament that GameStop is committed to giving power to the players—and our ‘Guaranteed to Love It’ trade promotion offers our customers the peace and mind of buying video games inside our retail stores at no risk, beginning with Days Gone next week.

It’s a good program, hopefully one that will prove beneficial to GameStop as a business. As many may already know, GameStop suffered mightily during the 2018 fiscal year, reporting a net loss of around $673 million. It seems, then, this new initiative serves as but one way for the retailer to shift towards a more profitable future.

Days Gone will hit the PlayStation 4 in just over a week on April 26th.

[Source Cheap Ass Gamer via Polygon]

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