Random: This GameCube Logo Storage Unit Is One Of The Best Things We’ve Ever Seen

If you’re spending your valuable time reading this site, you’re probably pretty keen on those video game thingies. And if you like games, you probably have a collection of cartridges, discs and consoles lining various shelves or cabinets in your home. What you (almost) certainly don’t have, though, is this amazing GameCube logo storage unit to put them all in.

Shared by the folks at ExtremeConsoles, this is a custom made storage solution based on the classic ‘G’ GameCube logo. In reality, it’s not the most practical of storage units and definitely takes up way more space than necessary, but so what? Have you seen the thing?

Of course, the problem with seeing something like this is that sudden need to own one. We’re already planning where our very own GameCube unit will go in the Nintendo Life office (we don’t need computers anyway, right?) and we imagine we’ve caused a similar issue for plenty of you reading this. Sorry.

Would you like something like this? Perhaps a shelving unit in the shape of a Switch, similar to the huge Switch TV display we shared recently? Tell us below.

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