9 Game of Thrones Prop Bets You Can Still Profit From at Bovada

Game of Thrones Betting at Bovada

Game of Thrones returned for its 8th and final season on Sunday night. It didn’t disappoint, as HBO’s massive hit series showcased a litany of highly anticipated reunions as well as some revelations.

Read on at your own peril, as this post contains Game of Thrones spoilers if you haven’t seen most of the series and especially the first episode of the new season.

There were some touching moments like Jon Snow seeing sister Arya Stark for the first time since the death of their father. There was an awkward one with basically nobody in Winterfell knowing how to receive their new queen, Daenerys.

Then there was the closing moment, and if you haven’t caught up to this point, I’ll spare you from a needless spoiler. It’s a fun one, though, and surely bleeds into episode two and beyond.

We’re already running out of time to start tying up loose ends and to close this story without it feeling rushed, yet there is so much to cover.

Nothing too crazy happened in episode one, other than Jon Snow learning he is the true heir to the Iron Throne. Snow hasn’t always been the quickest to pick things up, but I have to think he soon figures out that means Daenerys is his aunt.

And, yeah.

But beyond some meetings and some crucial news being relayed, we didn’t advance the story too much. I’m sure that calls for a pretty explosive episode three, but with so much ground to cover, I have to think a slew of Game of Thrones prop bets will start blowing up before our very eyes.

Several still stand strong over at Bovada, though. That’s true for wagers you’ve already placed, but so little actually happened in episode one that there are still a bunch of Game of Thrones odds at Bovada for wagers you can hop on right now.

Let’s go over the best ones, their odds, and how you might want to bet on them.

Cersei Lannister Prop Bets

Queen Cersei appeared in episode one, and she didn’t die. She did remain absolutely horrible, though.

In fact, she tightened her union with Euron Greyjoy more than ever, as two of the most hated Game of Thrones characters got married in the biblical sense.

That was gross to see, but it may have tied the two at the hip, and I’m not sure what that means for their future.

When Will Cersei Die?

That does make you wonder when Queen Cersei will actually meet her demise. It’s tough to eradicate such a powerful and impactful character at all, much less early in the final season.

Still, just five episodes remain in one of the greatest television shows ever, and no character is too important to be spared. Especially one hated as much as Cersei.

Bovada asks when she’ll meet the gods, whether they be the new or the old.

  • Episode 5 or 6 -500
  • Episode 3 or 4 +400
  • Doesn’t Die +550
  • Episode 1 or 2 +5000

We’re really just getting started here, and the trajectory of this series might actually be going in the opposite order I expected it to. With the Night King’s army quickly moving towards Winterfell, it’s quite possible the humans will have to win the war against the dead and then worry about Cersei and any of their mortal enemies.

If that’s true, I don’t see how Cersei dies before the end of the series. There is a small chance she’s simply taken prisoner for all of her evil deeds, but I expect the good guys to win in the end.

It doesn’t offer a whole lot of betting value, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong play.

PICKEpisode 5 or 6-500

More interesting than discovering when Cersei will die, perhaps, could be who actually does the nasty deed. The prophecy told to Cersei Lannister when she was a child suggests it will be one of her brothers, but as we’ve seen throughout the series, the prophecies aren’t always ironclad.

Not only do prophecies not always come true or aren’t necessarily accurate, but they can often be misleading or interpreted incorrectly. I think with the way Game of Thrones has presented it over the years, there is enough wiggle room to think outside of the box here.

Who Will Kill Cersei Lannister?

I’ll admit freely that Tyrion and Jaime Lannister are the more likely options here, but I think this is a nice spot where the showrunners can throw us a curveball and make bettors some coin.

Jaime Lannister+140

Arya Stark+150

Cersei Doesn’t Die+550

Tyrion Lannister+600

Sansa Stark+1000

Daenerys Targaryen+1600

Jon Snow+2000

The Night King+2000

Euron Greyjoy+2500


The Mountain+3300

Ellaria Sand+4000

Jorah Mormont+6600

Bovada had this wager up before Game of Thrones even returned, but this is an updated list with new odds and more options. It makes for a very exciting wager, especially since even the top option boasts a strong +140 price tag.

The Lannister brothers and Arya Stark are strong bets, but I actually love Sansa Stark at +1000. She doesn’t fit the prophecy at all, but she is almost certainly the last person Cersei would expect or remotely worry about.

Cersei took great pleasure in tormenting a young Sansa, but Lady Stark has grown and is a stronger character than she’s ever been before. There could come a time where the two have a seemingly peaceful meetup to discuss politics, and Sansa strikes.

Or hey, maybe Arya teaches her sister the way of the Faceless Men, and she approaches Cersei as one of her brothers. This would actually technically keep the prophecy alive and give way to some awesome Game of Thrones betting value.

PICKSansa Stark+1000

Which Game of Thrones Character Will Die First?

Everyone knows that Game of Thrones really isn’t a show for the living. The night is dark and full of random deaths after all.

Nobody worth mentioning died in episode one, but something tells me we’re going to see some bodies hit the floor in the very near future.

Here are the odds for which Game of Thrones character dies first, per Bovada.

Euron Greyjoy+200

Theon Greyjoy+200

Cersei Lannister+500

Jaime Lannister+500

Yara Greyjoy+1000

Arya Stark+1500

Tyrion Lannister+1500

Daenerys Targaryen+2500

Jon Snow+2500

Sansa Stark+2500

I’ll be the first to admit that the volatility of this show puts literally anyone’s head on the chopping block. Still, some Game of Thrones deaths are more likely than others.

The door is always open to randomness, but one thing I like to do when trying to predict who dies next in Game of Thrones or any other TV show is decide if a character’s arc has run its course.

Two definitely stand out, as Euron Greyjoy pretty much lived up to his promise, both to Cersei and to himself. He delivered her a fleet on the water, and he also finally got into bed with her.

Outside of also killing his niece and nephew, he doesn’t have any truly strong ties to the show. He’d be an empty casualty, but he’s an evil brute, and most fans of GoT would love to see him go.

Theon Greyjoy has the same exact Game of Thrones death odds, and he’d make just as much sense. The former coward finally manned up, coming to rescue his captured sister and asking her permission to go fight with the Stark family in Winterfell.

We don’t know yet what that means for him, but I do think the writing is on the wall for both of these characters. Theon feels like he’d be a bit more obvious at this point, while I’ve been propping Euron up as the first main character to go for months now.

I see little reason to run from that prediction, and this +200 price will certainly do just fine.

PICKEuron Greyjoy+200

Side note: Bovada isn’t holding back with their Game of Thrones death wagers. There is a litany of character vs. character death odds matchups, so feel free to visit their site and pick the matchups (and side) you’re most comfortable with.

Arya Stark Kill List Prop Bets

Arya Stark is another character who is rapidly approaching the end of her character arc. She has discovered her purpose, reunited with her family, and defended her father’s honor.

She still has some names to cross off of her kill list, but after seeing (and sparing) The Hound, I wonder if she’s moved onto bigger things.

I still think she’d love to kill Cersei and a few others, but as we’ve seen in the trailer, she’s eventually going to get in a little over her head. I won’t predict if that leads to her demise, but I do think she’s going to seek out some fresh bodies in the not too distant future, and it may spell trouble.

How Many (Living) People Will Arya Kill?

Obviously, that leads to Arya probably trying to cross more names off of her kill list, but Bovada sets the warm body death toll at a lofty 3.5.

Over 3.5-115

Under 3.5-115

We are running out of time for Arya to rack up names on her kill list, while it’s worth pointing out that the count is already dwindling.

Outside of fighting off a bunch of undead zombies (White Walkers), I’m not seeing the opportunity for Arya to kill four more humans without it being really forced.

PICKUnder 3.5-115

Who Will Arya Kill First From Her List?

While I don’t think Arya kills everyone from her list (or four people in general), I do think she has more work to do. There is one name on her list that many people won’t really think about but that she could have easy access to at some point.

Here are the odds for who Arya Stark kills first this season.


The Hound+300

Ilyn Payne+350


The Mountain+500

Beric Dondarrion+1000

Everyone listed here is at risk, but some people aren’t necessarily within reach at the moment or may be of less importance.

I feel like Arya respects the fact that The Hound survived, so she’s going to give him a pass. I also think when the time comes, she’ll have to be okay with letting Beric Dondarrion survive, as he’s on her side at the moment.

The same could be said for Melisandre, as her brother Jon Snow would still be dead if it weren’t for her.

Cersei is the big fish here, but that’s actually how I see Arya getting herself into trouble at some point. Payne stands out as the elite bet for me, as he was the man wielding the ax that lopped off Ned Stark’s head.

You could roll with anyone here, but Payne could be a quick death that helps Arya’s story advance and gives viewers a fun side story.

PICKIlyn Payne+350

What Will Bran Warg Into Next?

Bran Stark has been a huge piece to the Game of Thrones puzzle, and you know that’s only going to continue through the remainder of this series.

Due to his warging abilities, it’d make sense for him to contribute to the battle at hand by warging into someone or something.

Bovada wants to know precisely what/who that winds up being.






All of these wagers are logical, and they also all return solid value. Bran helping out by warging into a human to help fight might make good enough sense, and the +300 price is obviously pretty sweet as well.

I wouldn’t mind the “other” wager at +400 if you believe he can warg into the Night King, but that might be a bit of a reach.


When Will Cleganebowl Take Place?

One of the more popular Game of Thrones prop bets is a wager dealing with massive brothers, The Mountain and The Hound.

The two have fought each other for years, but the last time they saw each other was in King’s Landing, where The Hound delivered this iconic quote to his undead brosiff.

“Remember me? Yeah, you do. You’re even uglier than I am now. What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter. It’s not how it ends for you, brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.”

Yeah, chills.

Everyone wants to see these behemoths fight it out, and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting The Hound to emerge victorious. I’m sure he will, too, but Bovada isn’t asking who wins in this prop; they’re asking when it goes down.

Episodes 5 to 6-130

Episodes 1 to 4+100

This one could go either way, but with the trajectory of this series (how it feels, at least), I’m starting to think the big battle comes first, and then the humans (the battle for the throne) face off to end the series.

That makes this one easy for me, especially since the price isn’t very different.

Of course, The Hound needs to survive a run-in with all of the White Walkers first. If he does, though, I think we finally get the Cleganebowl somewhere in the final two episodes.

PICKEpisodes 5 to 6-130

Who Will Be the Prince That Was Promised?

One of the longstanding Game of Thrones mysteries deals with the Azor Ahai prophecy, which suggests there is one great hero that will rise up and save mankind from the undead.

It also supposedly includes some ugly theory about how they do that (they have to kill someone they love), but the show has handed out incorrect answer after incorrect answer.

Maybe that leads us to the prince that was promised before the series is up, but we also need to prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that this is one prophecy that simply isn’t real.

I want to believe the prophecy, though, especially since there are so many viable options. Here’s how Bovada prices things out for this wager.

Jon Snow-130

Daenerys TargaryenEVEN



Davos Seaworth+5000

To be clear, this prop is actually dealing with whoever Melisandre or a Red Priestess claim is the prince that was promised. It’s possible that person doesn’t even make the Azor Ahai odds seen here or that there just isn’t anyone to fulfill the prophecy.

Melisandre raised Snow from the dead, and he’s the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, though, so he does make the most sense when you look at this specific list.

PICKJon Snow-130

Who Will Rule Westeros?

The last big Game of Thrones prop bet at Bovada is easily who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne.

The usual suspects are up top, as we now know Snow is the true heir to the throne, Daenerys is hell-bent on being the ruler, and so many others like Bran, Cersei, and even the Night King make good sense.

The problem is Jon Snow doesn’t really want to rule. I think there’s also going to be some serious hiccups along the way for him, Daenerys, Bran, and almost certainly the Night King as well.

Check out the latest Iron Throne odds before making a final call.

Jon Snow+225

Bran Stark+275

Sansa Stark+500

Daenerys Targaryen+550


Petyr Baelish+1250

The Night King+1500

Tyrion Lannister+1500

Arya Stark+2000

Samwell Tarly+2000

Cersei Lannister+2500

Jon and Daenerys’ Baby+2500

Jaime Lannister+4000

Davos Seaworth+7000


Brienne of Tarth+10000


Euron Greyjoy+10000

Jaqen H’ghar+10000

Euron Greyjoy+10000

Jaqen H’ghar+10000

Jorah Mormont+10000


Beric Dondarrion+12500

Daario Naharis+12500

The Hound+12500


The Mountain+15000

Theon Greyjoy+15000

Tormund Giantsbane+15000

Yara Greyjoy+15000

I can see some political people like Tyrion or Varys getting a faint argument, but the majority of the options here don’t stand a chance. Some can’t even speak, let alone rule Westeros.

I’d really only be looking at the top portion of this list, and I tend to think Jon Snow feels a bit too obvious based on the revelations in episode one. I would be absolutely fine with Snow as king, but I don’t think he actually survives the show.

Daenerys probably won’t make it to the end at this point, either. Due to maturing leadership qualities and a crazy ability to see through people and their strategies, I am really starting to warm up to the idea of Sansa Stark taking the throne.

Petyr Baelish isn’t taking the Iron Throne, but he’s actually interesting because there is a Game of Thrones theory out there that he might not even be dead. I actually wrote about it in a Game of Thrones predictions post, so feel free to check that out.

While I am intrigued by several options, I am going to stick to my gut and roll with Gendry. If we get away from the whole “it has to be a Targaryen” angle, he actually has a claim to the throne, and he’s been kept in the GoT storyline for a reason.

Perhaps Gendry is just here for his blacksmith skills and/or he’ll fight the undead. Or maybe he has a bigger role coming. I’m down for paying for a +650 price tag to find out, while Sansa is a close secondary option for me right now.



This gives bettors a lot to think about. If you weren’t already immersed in the craziness that is GoT, then researching the show to accurately bet on these props will get you there.

The best part is this is really just scratching the surface. Bovada has even more Game of Thrones betting opportunities to take a look at, as I’m just picking my favorite ones that you can still bet on right now. Take a look for yourself by visiting Bovada, or read our detailed Bovada review first if you’re not familiar with the site.

There is money to be made and good times to be had, and it looks like we’ll be able to hit the reset button every single week. In some spots, that will mean jumping on these wagers as soon as possible will be crucial. In others, waiting things out to see if prices spike could be wise as well.

For now, these register as the best props to target going into the second episode of Game of Thrones season 8. Whether or not you’re able to cash in on any of these, we’re all sure to be in for one wild ride.

Here are some other recent posts I’ve written on the subject of betting on Game of Thrones.


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