AFK Arena Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

AFK Arena is a beautiful RPG where the aim of the game is to slay hoards of enemies. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into giving users a good experience. Plus, there is a large emphasis on making friends, so what is not to like?

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AFK Arena: The Good

I am sure most of us have played mobile games similar to AFK Arena. Combat is mostly simulated, but you get to decide when to use each character’s special attack. So it may sound like you’re not doing much, but you’re doing the most important thing, winning battles.

As with any game nowadays, there is an abundance of characters to collect. From the common average Joes to Ascended god-like heroes. One positive feature you can take from the number of characters is that there are few common characters. This means you won’t have to waste your time with average characters for long.

AFK Arena: The Bad

There is a little too much emphasis on purchasing gift sets and monthly subscriptions. But they seem optional and there are no adverts. So actually, I don’t see any negatives yet.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Collect everything. In games like AFK Arena, there are daily and weekly challenges, campaign quests, rewards and offers. So there is an abundance of free items to collect, especially if you know where to look.
  • Grab Lucius – Lightbringer. As part of the global launch of AFK Arena, there is a free Ascended hero, Lucius Lightbringer. This offer is only running from the 10/04/2019 – 18/04/2019, so grab him while you can.

  • Check out your new characters. Whenever you unlock someone new, check out their character portrait. Not only to see their moves and overall power but to check out their story. If you care for the story, you can have a good read about each character’s background. Otherwise, there are 100 free diamonds waiting to be grabbed.
  • Use multiple supers. When you are in a battle, you have the choice of when to use your character’s super. Each time you click someone’s card, a little animation pops up. But this doesn’t mean you can’t activate other characters supers at the same time.

  • Upgrade and equip gear. As part of any game, there is a large amount of equipment to collect and equip. Equipping this new gear will strengthen your characters and increase their defence.
  • Enhance your gear. Once you’ve collected a lot of basic (rubbish) loot, you can enhance. When you have rarer and rarer loot, they will require better items to be enhanced. So keep earning gear, it will have a purpose, eventually.

  • Make friends. If you make friends with 10 people, then send and receive love, you’ll be able to summon a character for free. You can also use 300 diamonds to perform a summon, but making friends is free!
  • Labyrinth. Taking part in the labyrinth is a never-ending challenge with great rewards, the more floors you clear. Be careful with the route you take, and be sure to gather more characters along the way.

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