Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

I am sure many of us think we could have been the most rootin’-tootin’ gunslingers in the Wild West. Well, Pocket Cowboys is your opportunity to prove it, all while getting a sizable bounty on your head. If you would like top tips that don’t involve moonshine, then keep reading partner!

Pocket Cowboys

Pocket Cowboys is a strategy game where you only have three choices, shoot, reload or move. Moving is crucial to line up your shots in the hexagonal grid, but it’s easy to move into an enemy’s line of sight. Some characters have to reload every shot, so go easy on your trigger finger.

The aim of the game is short and sweet, the first person to get three kills wins the game. You have three lives, each life you re-spawn as a different character from your gang. Dying can be helpful as you can choose a better character for the environment you are in.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Learn your enemy. There seem to be two types of players in Pocket Cowboys, cowards and idiots. Idiots will shoot as soon as you get anywhere near them, so avoid coming within one tile. Cowards will just keep running and running until the cows come home. So note what players you are against and then move accordingly.
  • Move accordingly. This may not sound like a tip, but moving makes you a much harder target to hit. Try to move in unexpected directions or just move out of their line of site. Most characters only have one bullet before they can reload, so note this when considering an attack.

  • having range is key. The marauder character is someone who has one bullet but damages to multiple tiles. This may sound good, but remember her range is one tile in most directions. So they can easily kill you while are killing someone, we call this trading.
  • Use the environment. When a game has dragged on long enough, barrels or other hazards may be introduced to the environment. Anything like a bull or snake can be shot and killed, and you can use barrels in a chain reaction to kill someone.

  • Learn the characters. Think of Pocket Cowboys as a weird version of chess. Each piece can attack differently, or move more tiles than others. Either way, once you know how a character can move and attack, then you can avoid it and predict it.
  • Take your time. Making the first move that comes into your head is always the most obvious one. You want to glance around the room and predict where each person goes. If you do this successfully, then you can kill your opposition long before they can get to you.
  • Avoid trading. Unless you are one kill away from victory, you do not want to trade. If you want to change character, then trading isn’t a bad idea. But most the time you want to get the kill as cleanly as possible.

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