RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch Easter Guide: What are the New Rides, How Do I Get Them and What Else is New?

Becoming the owner of your very own theme park is a dream come true for most of us, but keeping guests entertained is a never-ending job. What better way to keep the people entertained than with brand new rides? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Easter event, including how to get the rides.

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What are the new rides?

Whenever there is a seasonal update to RollerCoaster Tycoon, we see several new themed additions to the card packs. Most of these additions are decorations which give you a reward for collecting them all.

There are two new Family rides introduced for this Easter Update. One of these rides is Epic in quality, and the other is Legendary. So, I wouldn’t expect to get these cards in your first pack. The Epic ride is a variation on the teacup ride, called Spinning Eggs.

The Legendary ride is a Butterfly Garden, where individuals get to take a stroll through a sea of butterflies. What makes this ride special is that it has permanent durability. It will never break down or require a maintenance man to give it a once over.

New food stand

There is a new food stand which is not normally paired with Easter. It is a Mexican restaurant called Omelette du Fromage. Now I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t sound very Mexican at all. I wouldn’t worry about it, this food stand is only around for a short time, try to get it before it’s too late.

New entertainer

A new entertainer has also appeared in card packs and he’s called the Bunny Entertainer. He is only available in packs after you reach level eight and is also rated Epic in quality.

New decorations

There are nine new Easter-themed decorations to collect and three new colours. Colours allow you to change the look of your park, like changing the colour of your path or train station. Collecting all nine decorations will unlock an Easter-themed fence, which you won’t be able to get when the event is over.

New scenario

One thing us RollerCoaster Tycoon players enjoy the most are the scenarios. Scenarios are situations where only the most intuitive players can turn failing theme parks around. They call this new scenario Mini Coaster Canopy! In this scenario, you will need to build roller coasters to entertain your guest, but they must be short and sweet.

How do I get the Easter stuff?

The only way to get Easter themed content is the same way you get any ride or decoration in this game, packs. You should save your tickets for events like these, so you can open as many packs as you physically can. If you are desperate, then you can buy Easter packs for real money.

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