53 top games in soft launch: From Game of Thrones Slots Casino and Angry Birds Pop 2 to Gears POP! and Candy Crush Tales

Soft launch reporting by IainĀ Harris, Matthew Forde and Ric Cowley.

PocketGamer.biz is now regularly rounding up the most interesting games that are currently in soft launch.

An important part of the shift to a games-as-a-service approach, the soft launch process enables developers to fine-tune their game, particularly in relation to meta-game mechanics such as time gates, in-game resources and psychological components.

Behind the scenes

Of course, some games require more time in soft launch than others; something that can reveal a game experiencing more serious issues than mere fine-tuning.

But, of course, the main point of the feature is to get you excited about the games you’ll soon be able to play…

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