PB/Dealer Requests ID Due To Young Looks, Should I Just Play Rated?

Hey guys, it’s been a couple years since my last post (or any serious BJ for that matter). Happy to be back! Anyways found a game that welcomes me so I’ve caught the bug again and a question came to mind. I’ve always been the tombstone type player, so I just played rated and went with it.

Now I look young. With that being said; my ID is shown every time I sit at the table to either the PB/Dealer. I assume upon review of the tape, the EITS can see my full name, location and everything. Or even the PB simply just looking at the card to inspect if I’m legal to sit at the table.

In other words, if they want to know who I am, they can. Any point in playing unrated at this point? Or should I just try to squeeze more comps out, match plays, credits and etc by going rated.

The action I have been giving them is close to a 35-1 spread on shoes, for the DD, I’ve been keeping it more moderate and going 12-1. but I have an amazing degenerate act (or I’d like to think).

With all things considered, should I play unrated or rated?

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