Rangers of Oblivion April Expansion: New Warblade Weapon, Speed Expedition Order, and Guardian Costume Explained

Rangers of Oblivion received a massive new update at the beginning of April, and barely any of it is an April Fool. There’s a brand new weapon, event, quest, mode, and equipment set in the game right now.

In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the new changes to help bring you up to speed. We’ll give you tips on how to get all of the new stuff, how it works, and a whole lot more.

What’s With the New Warblade Weapon?

At first glance, you’ll probably wonder just what the difference between the Warblade and the Greatsword – that’s a fair question. Both weapons are massive swords that you wield in two hands, after all.

They are very different though. While the Greatsword deals absolutely massive damage that will utterly decimate all of your opponents, the Warblade is more precise and defensive.

It actually has the longest reach of all melee weapons, which allows you to better stay out of trouble while dishing out damage. It’s also deals in wide, sweeping attacks that can hit multiple opponents at once.

There’s also a new mechanic known as Ki, which seems to increase your damage by getting into a nice rhythm with combat.

What are Speed Expedition Orders?

Speed Expedition orders are a new type of currency that grant you double rewards per run. To get the bonus, you have to expend an order though, and we’re not sure how you get them right now.

What About the New Equipment?

There’s a new series of equipment called Guardian, which you can earn from Divination. It will only appear for a limited time though, so if you have your heart set on it we strongly recommend grabbing it ASAP.

You can kickstart the collection by talking to Leia the Seer in the Rosewall Tavern.

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