Safari Chef Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Some people dream of cooking for the rich and famous, others dream about travelling the world. Safari Chef is a great compromise as you travel the world cooking for various animals across the planet.

Safari Chef

Being a Safari Chef is not as easy as strolling up to an animal’s habitat and shoving food in their face. You need precision and ingenuity to get the animals favourite treats to their mouths. A few animals require more than just raw food shoved in front of them. Some need their steaks cooked or cut into smaller pieces so be prepared for some fussy eaters.

In several levels, the animals themselves are in danger from thorns. So it’s up to you to make sure these animals are safe and that they have enough food in their bellies. If you think it sounds easy, then you’re in for a shock! Trying to get three stars in these levels is as easy as petting a wild lion. Fear not, these tips should get you pointing in the right direction.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Use as little ink as possible. This may sound obvious as the aim of the game is to get three stars, but if you can save ink, then do so. Safari Chef is trying to emphasise simplicity in every way. So, rather than looping around a rock, you give your drawing an edge to catch the rock. There are many ways to achieve what you want, you have to be open-minded.
  • Press and hold for the precision mode. If you are trying to leave a tiny edge on the end of your line, then press and hold for the precision mode. In this mode, a magnifying glass appears so you can precisely angle your lines for maximum effect. I wouldn’t use this mode all the time as it appears to use more ink.

  • Don’t set your sights on three stars. This game may have a cuddly, friendly face, but deep down it is very frustrating. Trying to get max score in every level is no easy task, so if you’re easily wound up then just passing the levels should be enough.
  • Be careful with your hints. If you were to use a hint and mess up in any way or fail, then that is the end of your hint. Levels with over one part are annoying as if you mess up the first part and restart, then you miss the second part of the clue.

  • Simplicity is everything. Being creative in this game seems to be punished. Trying to loop around certain objects is a waste of time as you can skilfully wedge a line in place. As mentioned above, you need not to loop around the entire object to get your line stuck, just give it a sizable hook/edge.
  • Complete levels and then go for three stars. To get the most out of Safari Chef, I recommend just burning through it. If you like the game and want more, you can go back and try to complete every level flawlessly. Otherwise, use as much ink as you want and get these animals fed!

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