Betting on 2019 NFL Win Totals – All AFC Teams’ Lines With Picks

AFC Win Totals Predictions for NFL 2019 Season

The NFL Draft isn’t until the end of April, and the regular season won’t get underway until September 5th.

But if you’re an NFL enthusiast like me, waiting around to fire some bets just isn’t going to cut it.

Fortunately, the online sportsbooks are starting to release their lines for the projected win totals of all 32 teams in the NFL.

Noah Davis, one of our seasoned football writers, is going to take you on a tour of the 16 NFC teams’ win totals and give you his predictions.

I’m going to guide you through the 16 teams in the AFC.

Feel free to jump straight to your favorite squad, but I recommend at least glancing at all of the wagers below. You don’t want to end up skipping over a bet that you could end up really fancying.

Here’s how I recommend betting on NFL win totals in 2019.

Baltimore Ravens Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 10-6

Joe Flacco is out, meaning the pavement has been cleared for Lamar Jackson to continue taking over the reins. After being inserted about midway through the 2018 campaign, Jackson led the Ravens to six wins over their final seven games and the AFC North crown.

Coming off a 10-win season, can the now-second-year quarterback from the University of Louisville lead the Ravens back to the playoffs? Check out their projected win total, and then I’ll give you my two cents.

Over 8.5 Wins+110

Under 8.5 Wins-140

I’m not a huge believer that Lamar Jackson’s style of play will be entirely sustainable throughout the course of a 16-game season. At the same time, it doesn’t make much sense to lay -140 that this team takes a step back, either.

Mark Ingram was added to bolster the backfield, and I fully expect the Ravens front office to address the wide receiver position during the NFL Draft at the end of this month. However, they’ll need to acquire some depth on defense as linebackers Terrell Suggs and C.J. Mosley are no longer with the team.

All in all, I think 8-9 wins is a very reasonable projection for Baltimore in 2019. Being that +110 sounds a heck of a lot better than -140, I’m going with the over.

PICKOver 8.5+110

Buffalo Bills Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 6-10

How will year two of the Josh Allen era pan out? I can tell you that outside of the fan base in Buffalo, the expectations are that this will be another long year for the Bills. After winning just six games in 2018, the bookies predict they’ll be fairly comparable in 2019.

Over 6 Wins-130

Under 6 Wins+100

Question marks continue to swirl around LeSean McCoy, and I’m not referring to all of his off-the-field drama. I’m talking about the fact that after averaging a career-low 4.0 yards per carry (YPC) in 2017, McCoy dipped down to an embarrassing 3.2 YPC in 2018. To put that in perspective, that ranked 48th out of 49 qualified RBs.

Frank Gore was signed during the offseason, but Gore will turn 36 before training camp even arrives. Buffalo did go out and sign John Brown to complement Zay Jones on the outside, and Cole Beasley was brought in to assume the slot role.

But is that enough help for Josh Allen?

The Bills will get the Dolphins and Jets twice apiece. Buffalo’s defense was stellar for the majority of last season. Sean McDermott better hope his team wins at least six games in 2019, or he’ll be searching for a new gig shortly thereafter.

PICKOver 6-130

Cincinnati Bengals Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 6-10

After starting the year 4-1, it looked like Marvin Lewis and the Bengals were on their way to a banner year. But then reality set in, and Cincinnati lost 9 of their final 11 games. Their only two wins during that stretch came at home versus the lowly Buccaneers and Raiders, and next thing you know, Marvin Lewis was unemployed.

How many wins will the Bengals get in 2019 under first-year head coach Zac Taylor?

Over 6.5 Wins+100

Under 6.5 Wins-130

Taylor comes over from Los Angeles where he coached the Rams QBs in 2018. At just 35 years young and with no prior head coaching experience, it’s natural to be wary of how productive Cincy can be. A.J. Green should be back healthy, and Joe Mixon is a talented running back.

But Andy Dalton just isn’t cutting it as a starting quarterback in the National Football League anymore. This defense finished dead last in yards allowed, ranked 30th in points surrendered (28.4 PPG), and their new lead man is an offensive-minded guy.

I’m going with the under here.

PICKUnder 6.5-130

Cleveland Browns Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 7-8-1

Is there a team in the NFL that the general public is more excited about than the Cleveland Browns? They traded for Odell Beckham Jr., they signed Kareem Hunt, and they swooped defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson off the free agent market.

It’s no wonder we have to lay -145 if we think the Browns will win more than 9 games.

Over 9 Wins-145

Under 9 Wins+115

I look at the relationship between Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield, and I really like what is developing. The added firepower should immediately boost this club, on top of the fact that Nick Chubb finished the 2018 campaign as Pro Football Focus’s #1-graded running back.

Myles Garrett continues to blossom on the defensive line, Denzel Ward wowed as a rookie cornerback, and Cleveland received Olivier Vernon as part of the OBJ trade. All signs are pointing to this team taking another leap forward, while AFC North squads like Pittsburgh and Cincinnati could both be headed in the opposite direction.

The bottom line is that it’s an exciting time to be a Browns fan.

PICKOver 9-145

Denver Broncos Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 6-10

I don’t want to get in the habit of advocating placing wagers when you have to lay -160, but in terms of how many games the Denver Broncos will win in 2019, I’m actually okay with it.

Over 7.5 Wins+130

Under 7.5 Wins-160

The good news for Denver is that Bradley Chubb and Von Miller are premier pass rushers. Undrafted rookie RB Phillip Lindsay was phenomenal while carrying the bulk of the load.

But unfortunately, the positives in Denver end right about there.

John Elway traded for Joe Flacco in February, and I vehemently think this is a lateral movement from Case Keenum at best. Flacco is a withered-down version of his best self and is no longer capable of getting the ball out quick enough.

Throw in the fact that Emmanuel Sanders is coming off a ruptured Achilles tendon, and I just don’t know where points are going to come from.

PICKUnder 7.5-160

Houston Texans Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 11-5

Here’s a team that won 11 games in 2018, yet check out what their win total is set at for the 2019 regular season.

Over 8.5 Wins-130

Under 8.5 Wins+100

The Texans’ magical season was abruptly cut short on wild card weekend at the hands of a divisional foe. The Colts came into Houston and smacked the Texans in the mouth, sending Bill O’Brien and his staff back to the drawing board.

Deshaun Watson looks like an upper-echelon NFL quarterback, and we know DeAndre Hopkins is one of the most skilled wideouts in all of football. But safety Tyrann Mathieu and cornerback Kareem Jackson both walked out of the building.

I think the casual fan will see that this team won 11 games and assume it’s a no-brainer that they win 9 or more in 2019. But I’m not the casual fan, and I know how the tide can turn.

Houston has to travel to Kansas City and New Orleans on top of playing the Chargers (on the road) and the Patriots. Getting even money that the Texans finish at .500 or worse seems like a rational decision to me.

PICKUnder 8.5+100

Indianapolis Colts Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 10-6

2018 was a great year for football fans in Indianapolis. Andrew Luck showed zero signs of discomfort in his throwing shoulder and arguably played some of the best football of his career. After throwing for nearly 4,600 yards, tossing 39 touchdowns, and leading the Colts to a win in the playoffs, the bar has been set pretty high in 2019.

Do you think they’ll win 10 or more games once again?

Over 9.5 Wins-120

Under 9.5 Wins-110

Like the aforementioned Texans, the Colts have to go on the road this year to play the Saints, the Chiefs, and the Chargers. However, rather than have to play the defending Super Bowl champs in 2019, Indy gets to host the Dolphins, who I’ll get to later.

Indianapolis closed out the year winning 9 of their final 10 games, not something I’d plan on them being able to repeat. On the same token, I don’t anticipate them starting the year with a dismal 1-5 record either.

This offense added Devin Funchess to an already talented core of players, and Justin Houston brings his prowess from Kansas City to a defense that includes last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year and First-Team All-Pro Darius Leonard.

I like the Colts a lot heading into the upcoming year.

PICKOver 9.5-120

Jacksonville Jaguars Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 5-11

Blake Bortles has seen his tenure in Jacksonville come to an end. Nick Foles signed with the Jaguars and can earn over $100 million if things work out in his favor. But does the change at quarterback mean the Jaguars can suddenly go from a 5-11 football team to a squad that wins at least 9 games?

Over 8 Wins-115

Under 8 Wins-115

That’s what they’ll need to do in order for the over in their win total bet to pay off, although I’m not quite sure I can get on board. It’s a nice theory, and there’s no doubt that Foles is a significant upgrade over Bortles.

But it’s time I point out that all three of the Jaguars’ divisional opponents finished with nine or more wins in 2018, and you can make a case that each team got better.

The defense has plenty of nice pieces, and Leonard Fournette seems to fit the bill as a bell cow that can take over late in a game. Nevertheless, I just don’t have faith that Doug Marrone can turn things around that quickly.

A guy like Jalen Ramsey might look good on paper, but I wouldn’t want an individual that conceited in my locker room — that’s for sure.

PICKUnder 8-115

Kansas City Chiefs Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 12-4

I absolutely love the over in this wager. The Chiefs won 12 games in 2018 and have the most physically gifted quarterback I’ve ever seen take the field. All that and we can grab hold of KC winning more than 10 games at a discounted price?

Tell me where to sign up!

Over 10.5 Wins-105

Under 10.5 Wins-125

Seriously, Patrick Mahomes stormed onto the scene and ran away with NFL MVP honors. Anyone who thinks the former Red Raider QB is going to suddenly stop putting up video-game-like numbers must not have seen the same Patrick Mahomes highlights I saw last season.

This offense returns all of its key weapons, Tyrann Mathieu boosts the secondary’s ability to slow down the opposition, and Andy Reid is as hungry to win as he has ever been. Truthfully, I see the Chiefs cruising to another 12-win season and wouldn’t be shocked to see them win 13 or 14 games.

PICKOver 10.5-105

Los Angeles Chargers Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 12-4

The LA Chargers played fantastic football last year, winning 12 games during the regular season and upending the Ravens in the wild card round in Baltimore. Philip Rivers is coming off perhaps the best statistical season of his career, and this defense is absolutely loaded with studs everywhere you look.

Take a quick peek at the following odds reflecting how many games the Chargers will win in 2019.

Over 9.5 Wins-150

Under 9.5 Wins+120

Are you like me and think that 9.5 wins seem a little bit low? I see the exaggerated juice of -150 that is attached, but I still think there is value in the over. Derwin James and Joey Bosa will only get better, and now I see that Melvin Gordon is on Twitter lobbying for the Chargers to sign Ndamukong Suh.

There’s a lot to be animated about if you are a fan of the Chargers organization right now. I don’t think winning 10 or more games should be an issue at all.

PICKOver 9.5-150

Miami Dolphins Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 7-9

Do you know how you know you had a really bad offseason? You go 7-9 and have a high draft pick, yet the oddsmakers project you to win just five games the following year.

That’s the case with the Miami Dolphins, as you can see with the pricing below.

Over 5 Wins+100

Under 5 Wins-130

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross seems more than content with rebuilding his franchise, even if that means enduring a few disappointing seasons in the interim. It’s almost as if Miami is throwing in the towel on the 2019 campaign before the darn thing even begins!

Tannehill is out, and Fitzpatrick is in, although I wouldn’t want “either Ryan” leading my football team down the field. Miami was one of the worst defensive teams in football a season ago, and Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage are currently the only two RBs on this roster.

DeVante Parker hasn’t been dependable, and Danny Amendola is gone, so it’ll likely be up to Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson to get it done on the outside.

Sure, this team could conceivably win six or seven games. Anything is possible. But when it’s all said and done, I think it’s fairly unlikely they exceed five victories.

PICKUnder 5-130

New England Patriots Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 11-5

Rob Gronkowski retired, Trent Brown and Trey Flowers skipped town, and of course, Tom Brady is another year older. Surely the Patriots can’t win more than 11 games in 2019, can they?

Over 11.5 Wins+120

Under 11.5 Wins-150

Well, here’s what I can tell you.

It seems like every year people are picking and prodding, coming up with any reason they can as to why the Patriots dynasty will come to an end. What I keep proclaiming is that as long as Tom is the quarterback and Bill Belichick is the head coach, this team is going to continue winning 11+ games a year like clockwork.

Whether you like it or not, the Pats will emerge from the AFC East and end up hosting at least one playoff game. After eight consecutive years with 12 or more regular-season victories, New England won 11 in 2018, so perhaps the “under bettors” have some hope.

But I sure as heck don’t plan on betting against Brady and Belichick, especially when we can snag an extremely appealing price tag (+120) on the over.

PICKOver 11.5+120

New York Jets Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 4-12

Le’Veon Bell makes a big difference in the backfield, and C.J. Mosley was a nice addition for the Jets’ defensive front seven. I even think Jamison Crowder can be a viable option in the slot if Sam Darnold can just work on his progressions.

But I’m pumping the brakes on any talk that New York is going to win seven or more games, much less be in the conversation of a wild card slot.

Over 6.5 Wins-185

Under 6.5 Wins+150

The “Todd Bowles project” is finally over, and Adam Gase is now in charge. I’m sure he can help Sam Darnold evolve into a proficient passer in due time. But I honestly think this team will struggle winning more than 5 or 6 games in 2019, meaning I wouldn’t touch the “over 6.5” at -185 with a 10-foot pole.

What I will do is happily invest in the “under 6.5” at +150.

PICKUnder 6.5+150

Oakland Raiders Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 4-12

To say Jon Gruden was substandard during his first year at the helm in Oakland would be a massive understatement. Not only did he trade away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, but the product that the Raiders displayed on the field was horrendous, even repulsive at times.

They wound up winning just four games in total. Do you think they’ll make the jump to at least seven wins in 2019?

Over 6.5 Wins+105

Under 6.5 Wins-135

With so many question marks surrounding the Raiders organization at this point, it’s hard to gauge what a proper line should be. Antonio Brown is now wearing the silver and black, which should alleviate some of the pressure on Derek Carr to have to make perfect throws.

But Coach Gruden is sick to his stomach that Jared Cook bolted for the Big Easy and now is in search of a replacement tight end.

What the Raiders do with their trio of first-round draft picks will undoubtedly help paint the picture for what the 2019 season will look like, so it’s hard to give an authentic pick.

I don’t see any value in laying -135 on the under, so I scratched that bet from consideration. There’s enough upside and promise to at least be excited about the over, plus I love placing bets when we don’t have to lay any juice.

PICKOver 6.5+105

Pittsburgh Steelers Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 9-6-1

Maybe Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown exiting Pittsburgh isn’t the worst thing for the Steelers franchise after all. According to the bookmakers, it doesn’t really seem to matter one way or another

The team only won 9 regular-season games in 2018, yet we have to lay -140 if we think they will win 9 or more games again.

Over 8.5 Wins-140

Under 8.5 Wins+110

Perhaps no longer having to deal with the daily distractions that Bell and Brown brought with them will help Mike Tomlin gain control of the locker room. Quite frankly, I view Tomlin as one of the worst head coaches in the league when it comes to focusing on the task at hand and getting all of his players on the same page.

I’m intrigued to see if the absence of “the two Bs” makes a difference.

Ben Roethlisberger might have thrown for a ton of yards in 2018, but his efficiency was poor — some might even say unacceptable. “Big Ben” led the NFL in interceptions and now won’t be able to rely on AB to get open.

Truth be told, I’m suspecting it’ll be a pretty lackluster year for the Steelers and think they’ll have a difficult time staying above .500.

PICKUnder 8.5+110

Tennessee Titans Win Totals

  • 2018 Record: 9-7

Mike Vrabel did a solid job guiding the Tennessee Titans during his first year as an NFL head coach, ending the season with a respectable 9-7 mark. Marcus Mariota remains the starter despite the recent addition of Ryan Tannehill, and I’m sure the Titans will bulk up on defense during this month’s draft.

But do we peg them as a team that will be above or below .500 when the 2019 regular season comes to a close?

Over 8.5 Wins+100

Under 8.5 Wins-130

Three-time Pro Bowl tight end Delanie Walker will be back after missing all of the 2018 season, and WR Adam Humphries brings his steady production over from Tampa Bay. If this offensive line can stay healthy and keep Mariota clean in the pocket, winning 8+ games should be well within the cards.

I wouldn’t go crazy with this bet, although being that we’re getting even money on our wager, we don’t really have to anyway.

PICKOver 8.5+100

Final Words

You can wait until the NFL Draft is over to place your win total bets. There’s nothing wrong with that approach as you’ll likely have much more information to work with.

However, some of the attractive prices you see won’t last forever. If you see any lines that pique your interest as of now, I recommend locking them in right away at one of our top-rated NFL betting sites.

The over/under bets on win totals for the teams in the AFC won’t be going anywhere, but the odds will most definitely be fluctuating.

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