Dota 2 Hero Builder: The Total Package

Versatility is the name of the game. Sure, being good at a single thing is neat, but having many facets trumps even that. The DoTA Plus Total, a DoTA 2 Hero Builder, is as versatile as they come as it is the only hero build maker that also helps players draft successfully using robust counter picks and synergy combos for each hero.

This app is the culmination of undaunted dedication, sleep deprivation, countless hours of hard work, and a deep-seated passion for the game that is DoTA 2. Let’s get to know the man, and the team behind him, that gave us this awesome app.

(1) Tell us about yourself (name/nickname, hometown, age, occupation, favorite games that you play and what platform(s) you play)?

My nickname is Boneart. My hometown is Kharkiv, Ukraine. I am a 34-year-old software engineer and my favorite games include WarCraft 3, DoTA, DoTA 2, and Witcher 3 on PC.

(2) Do you work independently or in a team? If in a team, how big is it?

We started as a team of 5 that worked tightly together. Now that we have families and kids, not all the team members are able to invest their time fully anymore.

(3) What inspired you to create an app specifically for this game? When did it cross your mind to create your app?

DoTA 2 is a team game and I was often frustrated by having some guys in my team who did not even know what their heroes could do, as well as which items to buy and so on. So I decided to help as many people as I could to pass this starting period of playing DoTA 2 by providing a mobile app which allows them to learn heroes and items independently of the PC and game client.

(4) What programming language or tool did you use to create this app? Do you have any favorite PLs or tools in particular?

All the apps are classic native Java Android, not hybrid and not Kotlin yet, but I’m already considering making further apps using this brand-new language.

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(5) When it comes to designing the user experience/UX of the app, what motivated you or what influences did you have?

Throughout the years of development, the client requests were the main source of inspiration. Whenever we hear several guys asking for the same thing, we try to make it come to fruition.

(6) From the developer’s and gamer’s perspective, how do you think the app affects the overall experience of the game?

Using our apps allows DoTA 2 novices to dive right into the game much faster. Even for experienced users, we have some things like the counter picker tool, which can even be of help to captains of professional teams. Having the possibility to manage the counter entries, this tool is perfect in the hands of an experienced trainer or captain.

(7) Is there any margin of error when it comes to the app’s performance and provided information?

I don’t think so. The app performance is quite high and it completely solves the tasks for which it was created.

(8) What were your biggest challenges for this project? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenges were to keep the balance between the addition of new features and the introduction of new apps while keeping the app data up-to-date with the latest game version. So we just do not sleep at all!

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(9) Are you expecting the game’s expansions to change your app’s dynamics and performance? Is it something that you’ve already prepared to tackle?

DoTA 2 has kept evolving for years and we are working hard to remain on top of all these changes while providing the top level user experience for the app clients. Having the trade of cosmetic items in the core of the game, we considered the idea of providing an app extension which will allow users to look at the items more precisely.

(10) Are there any exciting new developments for your app that you would care to share?

Quite recently, we started a new app with the DoTA 2 wallpapers and were thinking about the creation of an app which will contain sounds of the game together with the heroes’ phrases to let the users always have their beloved heroes talking in their pockets.

(11) Could you share a few quick tips to new players of the game?

First of all, they have to be patient and pass the acid test of being novices as experienced teammates will constantly be hissing on you in every game. The best way is to train with bots until you are able to win the hardest ones. In fact, their level is not too high, but after such training, it is possible to go ranked with other real guys and feel more robust. And of course, use our apps to know your and enemy heroes better!

(12) Any advice you’d like to share to aspiring game app or web developers?

Be cool and have fun! You will have some positive moments and some negative ones, but you should always remember the reason why you keep working on the project and if it brings joy to your life.

Inspiration + Hard Work = An Awesome DoTa 2 Hero Builder

Inspiration, hard work, unyielding dedication, and a genuine love for the game all add up to a foolproof formula for successful app creation. Boneart (and his team) certainly has those in spades. See what you’ve been missing and elevate your game to the highest level by downloading the DoTA Plus Total app here.

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